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Last nights win made it 7 straight decisions for Alek tying him for second all time with Roger Clements.... the team at a 13-7 record through the first 20 games Read more

Let's face it, going into the season the biggest question looming over the team was how are they going to replace Marcus Semien. Read more

Over the next three days, The Blue Jays 3-4-5 will be up against The Astros 1-2-3. Hard to not believe we’ll see the first series loss on the year. Read more

I've often held the opposing view. That the stats could only tell you so much and that you needed to actually see the games. Read more

Yet to loose a series this year, the Toronto Blue Jays sit alone atop the AL East with a 6-4 record as I write today. Still its not all positivity Read more

Was that the best home opener ever? Certainly the best in the last 10 years. It had everything you could ever ask for. Read more

Here we go! Opening Day 2022. Let's go Blue Jays!!! Later today Toronto hosts Texas in the home opener with yours truly in attendance. Read more

The Toronto Blue Jays just swept the New York Yankees!!! Whooooow!! Read more

With one week until opening day each year I will put together my predictions and opinions on who I think will/should be breaking camp with the Toronto Blue Jays Read more

The 2022 Toronto Blue Jays are STACKED!! I've said it before we're 7 deep in the every day line up. Like you just can't pitch around it. Read more