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My God, what a line up

March 31 Line up
March 31 lineup

Would you look at the line up we’re putting out against poor Detroit today. God help them. This is some team.

I can’t remember being this excited going into the year. Maybe 2016? It was the trade deadline in 2015 that made that team come together and make you truly believe, I liked the April lineup but not like I like todays. And if we’re being honest, April 2016 was a little deflating. Price hadn’t stayed. Baustia was a year older. There was the nagging feeling that last year might have been the one.

The 2022 Toronto Blue Jays are STACKED!! I’ve said it before we’re 7 deep in the every day line up. Like you just can’t pitch around it. It must make pitching for the Blue Jays a much easier experience than on other teams. You will routinely be pitching with a lead and there realistically you only need your ERA to be in the 3’s.

I didn’t blog yesterday evening as I took the opportunity to watch the evening start time. Something I’ll have to give up and work around as the season gets going for real I know. But as its the only spring evening game this year I allowed my self the indulgence. I know you can’t get too excited by Spring Training, but it still always brings a smile each and every time we’ve beaten the Yankees this March. Very little will translate to when we go to the Bronx for the first time on April 11th , but I do hope the team takes a real confidence and swagger with them into that series. “We’re the big brother now” type feelings.

Yimi García looked really sharp last night. Visa’s mean he got to camp late. But clearly he was working hard down in the Dominican Republic. It will be interesting to see if he becomes the everyday 8th inning guy, or if we’ll take a rotation approach to the 9th with him and Jordan Romano. Either way seeing him pitch so well has eased some of my nerves about this pen.

Veteran and World Series Champion Dexter Folwer officially joined the Blue Jays on a minor league deal today. Coming off a torn ACL, it looks like he won’t be available until into the summer, but with the expanded 28 man roster, he has a legitimate chance to be with the team once ready. By all accounts he is a good character guy, and with a team so young I do think there is some real importance in just making sure we have a couple of older guys on the bench to give advise to the younger guys.

Gausmen pitched 70+ in a intrasquad game yesterday. Ryu will pitch today in a minor league game. So that looks like we’re set up for José Berríos to take the opening day mound. Followed then by Gausmen and Ryu for the first series.

Tomorrow I’ll lay out my 28-man opening day squad. I don’t expect it will overly shock you. It does seen to be the least competitive camp in years. But we’ll pencil one in all the same.

Til then, thanks for reading.