Welcome to Blue Jay Blogs. I’m not sure what way this thing is going to go, it has no plan, no direction, no aim, no purpose – simply a tool for me to ramble on about all things Toronto Blue Jays, and maybe some MLB generic stuff.

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Bunt Plays – Video Replay Joke
Man I'd love to have a job where I can have my buddies determine not that a challenge against my ruling was wrong, but that there wasn't enough evidence to overturn, thus stripping a team of their only challenge and letting me have the entire night off to make the most egregious calls without reproach. That's basically what happened in Toronto tonight. The Blue Jays loose there only challenge to a really tight call at …
All they do is win, win, win no matter what
Last nights win made it 7 straight decisions for Alek tying him for second all time with Roger Clements…. the team at a 13-7 record through the first 20 games