The Importance of Statistics

Last night was a rough one in Boston. Outhitting the Red Sox 8 – 3 leaving 17 men on base to lose by a single unearned run. Yikes. If we end the year 1 game shy of the post season, I think this could really be the stand out game.

Watching live last night I was furious with Yusei Kikuchi. Walking the first two batters with 6 straight balls to open the night. So imagine my surprise when doing research today to find out that in the end he actually only walk 3, only giving up 3 hits and getting 3 Strike outs over his 5 full innings. That’s really not a bad line to end the night, and opens your eyes to the important role statistics play in the game.

I’ve often held the opposing view. That the stats could only tell you so much and that you needed to actually see the games. But yesterday thought me how when your personal bias is distracting what you are watching how the stats and a clear head can actually let you in, on what really happened.

In the pregame yesterday Tabby noted that the Blue Jays only had 3 errors on the year and none on the infield. I turned to my wife in that very moment and said “why the fuck did he say that out loud”. The equivalent to talking up a perfect game. Queue Bo making two really awful throws when he had nothing but time, and one of those then leading to the game deciding run.

I wish there was a way statically for Yimi Garcia to not have been giving the L. That was completely unfair to him, who again was great out of the pen.

That’s what’s left me feeling disappointed now rather than mad. We wasted a great chance to not loose a Kikuchi start. So now here we are, Toronto now needs to win two straight to save the series. Something we’ve not done since the opening 2 games of the year. As I wrote Monday its been a string on win 1 loose 1 for 9 straight now, and also need José Berríos to fine real form, something he’s yet to do this year. Hopefully it won’t need an opening day level comeback to win tonight.

Small sample size alert I know, but man Zack Collins is having himself a time. .400 off his 20 at bats, with a really well take HR last night. Its going to be really interesting if he can keep those production levels up to see what we do once Jansen is fit again. They can’t carry 3 catchers into May.. can they?

Ok going to leave it there. Game is about to begin. Lets go Blue Jays!!!