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I've been very disappointed with media coverage of the incident, and how the Blue Jays and Charlie Montoya in particular have been repeatedly questioned. Read more

Truth be told, I had a mild heart attack at the news Tuesday that the Blue Jays we're in talks with Brett Gardner. I'm still woozy. Read more

The one thing I like most about spring training baseball is just how hard it is to analyze. Read more

Finally!! Today is the day we get some real life Blue Jay baseball back in our lives. The 166 long dark days of winter are over. Read more

I only hope and pray and hope some more and pray some more that when Bo and Vladdy are up, the money keeps flowing. Read more

The road to the world series really does start here and now. You can't win it all in Spring Training but you can loose it. Read more

Three of the greatest word's in the English Lexicon. "Let's Play Ball". Baseball is back baby!!! Read more

At various points today it seemed we are only moments away from an agreement being met. Read more

That's why I love Spring training I guess, it's so much closer to that raw authentic baseball, without all the commercialization that comes with "The Show". Read more

And I have to admit, one particular sox caught my eye. This fast pitching, no nonsense lefty hitting all the edges.... Mark Buehrle Read more